The Best of 2004

While languishing in the netherworld of blogging hiatus, I felt the need to do a best of 2004 list. So, here it is: Best Book—fiction (read this year): Tough, but Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood will take the honor this year. I’ll write more about it later in a Books That Haunt post, but wow! It’s … Read more


If you’re wondering why things have been a little slow here at TruePravda in recent days, you need only check a new addition to the categories menu called “life.” You can find any baby pictures, or other such information there. Things certainly have been busy, and it’s not likely to slow down until the new … Read more

Fletch Dies

I couldn’t have been more surprised if I had woke up this morning with my head sewn to the carpet. Well, not really. It seems that Chevy Chase, star of the Fletch film series and the National Lampoons’ Vacation movies has tried to put the death knell in his ever-fading career by going on a … Read more

The Demise of the Prize

Perhaps long ago it meant something special, but the awarding of major international prizes has taken some rather peculiar turns in recent years. Take this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai—a woman who calls humanity “a threat to the planet.” Her groundbreaking efforts in the area of peace include work with tadpoles: … Read more


My brother and I have been trying out Grouper, the new private file-sharing service. We’ve both been impressed. Grouper allows you to share files (much like Kazaa) over a private network with up to 30 members. Right now, we’ve got his computer, my home computer, and my work computer linked in a Grouper network. It’s … Read more

Euphemisms for Evil

Albert Mohler’s column today regarding Ralph Keyes’ new book, The Post-Truth Era: Dishonesty and Deception in Contemporary Life is especially insightful. This paragraph got me thinking: As evidence of this cultural acceptance of lying, Keyes notes the rise of euphemisms for deception. “We no longer tell lies. Instead we ‘misspeak.’ We ‘exaggerate.’ We ‘exercise poor … Read more


I think I’ll keep my day job, but it seems that an unexpected paternal role for me is that of singer. During one of my newborn son’s midnight fits of rage, at wits end I tried singing to him, and surprisingly, he calmed down. It’s only a matter of time before he finds out that … Read more

The “Real Meaning” of Christmas

Evangelical Christians seeking to engage the culture should take a lesson from the late Charles M. Schultz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip. Although Wikipedia notes that Schultz may have turned to secular humanism in later years, a distinctly Christian theology is apparent in the 1965 A Charlie Brown Christmas, which aired on ABC tonight. … Read more

More Photos

We’re home at last, and thankfully everyone is heathly—if not a little weary from the whole ordeal of our son’s first few days. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments! I can already see many ways that being a father is already changing me. Perhaps I’ll write more about that later when I’m a little more settled. For now, enjoy some more photos of our little guy:

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