Judicial Activism for Toddlers

Saturday morning cartoons aren’t what they used to be. The 24/7 nature of television, along with the increased demand for folksy morning-news programming, has put most weekend cartoons out to pasture. Still, some vestiges of this ancient Saturday morning tradition remain — especially on cable. Take, for instance, the Disney Channel cartoon “Higglytown Heroes.” It’s … Read more

WordPress 2.1

Non-bloggers will want to ignore this post, but I just want to note that I’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest WordPress 2.1 (the software that runs and powers this blog).  Overall, I like the upgrade, which has quite a few snazzy changes under the hood. There were a few snags in the upgrade, particularly … Read more

Belarus makes SOTU

In addition to using the unseeming phrase “contagion of violence,” President Bush also used another word that has previously been unused in a State of the Union address: Belarus. The president pronounced it “Bail-uh-rus,” but Belarus (pronounced byelaRUS) was added to what amounted to a miniature axis of evil. Said the president: And we will … Read more

Dictatorial Pact?

Dictatorial pact: Belarus & Iran buddy–up: “Ahmadinejad said that the two states share identical views about regional and global issues, and voiced Tehran’s support for the expansion and development of ties and cooperation with Minsk in ALL areas.”

Blogs For Life

I’ll be in attendance tomorrow (Monday, January 22) at the second annual Blogs For Life conference. This is a conference hosted by Family Research Council — a place I’ve been known to frequent during the workweek. The lineup for the conference looks to be stellar, with Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS), Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Bobby … Read more

Ready your pen, Mr. President

In a debate that was often heated, emotional, and woefully misinformed, the House of Representatives voted today to extend federal funds for embryonic stem cell research. As this will likely also pass the Senate, only a veto from President Bush stands in the way of your tax dollars and mine being used for the destruction … Read more