Can’t get enough of the Bulldogs

Vols 33, Bulldogs 21 Another week, another victory over the Bulldogs — this time of Starkville, Mississippi (in)fame. Arian Foster (139 yards rushing) and Lucas Taylor (186 yards receiving) both had big days. Erik Ainge, disciplined as ever, brought his passing back up to 259 yards. His season low (169 yards) was in the Vols’ … Read more

Backs to the wall, Vols run the ball

Vols 35, Bulldogs 14 Defense. The running game. Tennessee football has returned to Rocky Top, and it feels good. Of course it always feels good to beat Georgia. To my great surprise, the Vol coaching staff must have actually turned the last two weeks into an entire summer program. Does this mean Phillip Fulmer is … Read more


Vols 48, Indians 27 Now that Tennessee has defeated the Arkansas State “former Indians,” the Vols are now 2-2. Things are back on the upswing, right? If it were only that easy. The Vols did good to win today, but the real story of this weekend were the tough games played by Arkansas, South Carolina, … Read more

The end of the Phillip Fulmer era

Vols 20, Gators 59 It’s time. At Tennessee, you can only lose to an arch rival so many times. You can only throw a subordinate coach under the bus so many times. You can only slap arrested players on the wrist so many times. At some point, it’s time to move on. Phillip Fulmer’s time … Read more

Gator Hater Week 2007

One point. That’s the margin by which the Florida Gators won in last year’s game against Tennessee. Does such a slim margin mean that we should hate the Gators any less? Absolutely not! There’s still plenty of hatred to go around. One of the questions that I’m most often asked regarding the Gators is this: … Read more

Killing the Giant Killers

Vols 39, Golden Eagles 19 Following the typical playbook for a Tennessee pay-per-view game, the Vols started out shaky and rallied in the second half to win handily. Southern Mississippi is legendary for creating upsets, but five games with Tennessee have yet to perpetate the legend. I didn’t see this game, but I listened to … Read more

Tis the season

Vols 31, Golden Bears 45 It’s football time in Tennessee. And even though I live in Virginia, that sentiment is expressed around this blog in the form of University of Tennessee football game recaps. Like ’em or not, they’re back. Tonight’s game saw the Vols lose the opener with California. The Golden Bears, complete with … Read more

Sweet Sixteen

Tennessee is in the Sweet Sixteen! I’m holding my breath, and I’m not coming up for air until the Vols win the Final Four. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but I hope to accomplish a better outcome than this.

Bloomin’ Onion Football

Vols 10, Nittany Lions 20 Groan. After a lackluster game which proved the referees as the only stars of the game, Penn State claimed the much-coveted Outback Bowl title. Presumably, there will be a steak named after the winning team. OK, maybe not, but neither the Vols nor the Nittany Lions looked like they had … Read more

Flushing the Commode-doors

Vols 39, Commodores 10 After a one-year lapse, the annual tradition of vandalizing Vanderbilt continues. Intramural games are never better than in November. For a game I didn’t get to watch or listen to, the Tennessee-Vanderbilt certainly looked exciting from the ESPN gamecast perspective. Lots of orange lines and arrows moving back and forth. I … Read more